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 •   Generating online search strategy for your business across all platforms.

•   We identify and implement the most relevant keywords for your business, making you visible to those looking for your services.

•   Crafting content that is optimized for search supremacy without diluting your brands identity.

•   We fine tune your page’s content, identifying and highlighting keywords.

•   We develop and implement strategy to increase your presence for those who are in your geographic area of service, building marketing efficiency and effectiveness.


•   We help generate visibility for your ads, placing them where they are most effective in generating you viable leads.

•   We manage and accurately track your ad campaign traffic.

•   Through analytics and up to the minute tracking research we continuously update and optimize your targeting dimensions.

•   Through effective combination of both SEO and SEM we at Cubed are able to amplify your advertising return on investment.


Lower Ground Floorplan

•  We are Google AdWords Certified.

•  We begin by assessing your objectives and goals.

•  we match media cost models with your budget.

•  We develop a comprehensive keyword strategy based on extensive research and tracking.

•  We help you set your monthly AdWords budget to deliver optimal results.

•  We manage your bidding to improve results.


•  We develop your brands’ social media strategy to optimize brand recognition and trust with costumers.

•  Policy Development - We create a guide book for your company on how to interact for optimal reception. Setting out consistent tone, language, and key messages, to build the best and most consistent digital branding.

•  Competitive Analysis - How does your online presence stack up against competitors? We identify and target where and how to improve and exceed.

•  Social Media Demonstrations & Tutorials - Our educators are able to deliver seminar style or one on one educational experiences to help build skills and knowledge to enhance your online presence.


•  We identify and help execute a comprehensive strategy encompassing all platforms.

•  From creation to execution; conception to design, we develop a campaign that enhances your online presence.

•  Our data driven strategy tracks the results of each campaign to deliver accurate reporting and strategy reformulation to meet the ever changing digital landscape.

•  We create custom strategy across all social media platforms, through ads, blogs, online influencers and more.


•  From strategy to design, content execution, tracking and everything in between. We are able to offer full service email marketing.

•  We create relevant, organized, visually pleasing emails.

•  Target customers based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales

•  We deliver in-depth reporting insights to make each automated series you send better than the last.


•  Cubed is able to meet all of your graphic needs with creative and forward thinking visual content.

•  We design logos, banners, infographics, media walls, business cards, brochures, flyer design and more


•  We review your current website through several criteria, accessibility, experience, marketing & technology.

•  Once the weak points are defined we optimize and enhance.


•  One of the strongest tools in your marketing is your website.

•  We identify a design direction that enhances your brand.

•  We create attractive and functional layouts that focus on user experience.


•  Implementing attractive webpages only works when they are optimized for a variety of devices, ensuring all guests have optimal experiences.

•  Our code allows for fluid-width and adaptive website that caters for any possible screen resolution. This means that every single responsive design seamlessly serves different media formats and devices people use.


•  We offer hosting on the following hardware:

Cubed Server 1 (dedicated Shell Server) Dell Poweredge 1650 dual PIII 1.4ghz 2048MB SDRAM 36gb scsi 100Mbps Ethernet

Cubed Server 2 (dedicated Webhosting Server) Dell Poweredge 350 850Mhz PIII 1024MB SDRAM 40gb +80gb drive 100Mbps Ethernet

Cubed Server 3 (Background functionality server) Dell Poweredge 1550 2x 1ghz PIII 1024mb SDRAM 36gb scsi 100Mbps Ethernet


•  Professional photos, for professional people, studio set up right in your office.


We Believe in
Data Driven Success.

Each day we examine and optimize your digital footprint. Through the collection of data and statistical analysis of both your website and your competitors; cross referenced with your target audience we are able to build successful predictive models.

Every minute of every day our world changes and so does the internet, it responds to world events, news, and trends. Through statistical testing we analyse factors that will increase web traffic and rankings based on our predictive models, and we take action based on what would generate the highest return on investment.

We can help you reach your target market

Explore the numbers
Twitter ------------------------- 94.37M Unique monthly users
Facebook ------------------------- 145.6M Unique monthly users
Yahoo ------------------------- 113.81M Unique monthly users
Google ------------------------- 232.71M Unique monthly users
Instagram ------------------------- 16.07M Unique monthly users
LinkedIn ------------------------- 35.72M Unique monthly users
Bing ------------------------- 104.55M Unique monthly users
YouTube ------------------------- 200.6M Unique monthly users
Just to name a few

Our Process is Cubed³

Our Process is Cubed³

Step 1

We identify your objectives and explore strategy options to see if we’re the right fit.

Step 2

We develop, propose, select, and implement strategy that would achieve your objectives.

Step 3

Monthly ongoing review is conducted in order to improve the last month’s results.

Contact Us

Cubed is based out of Toronto, Canada

Our team at Cubed are professionals in the marketing, digital advertising, communications and tech industries with a passion for digital content. We have a relentless passion for improvement, and pushing the boundaries for what is possible.

We believe in data, and we don’t sugar coat our results. Which is why we make the utmost effort to keep everything transparent, visible and trackable.

We use hard numbers combined with expert execution to develop your company’s digital footprint. Giving you the tools and leads to develop your customer base and improve revenue growth


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